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“he Square E-Head electronic hookah Bowl is taking the Hookah world to a whole new level. This Electronic Hookah Bowl works just like a traditional bowl and fits on the top of most Hookahs. Instead of using tobacco and charcoal, the Square E-Head sits on top of a traditional hookah and vaporizes the e-juice and e-liquid products, producing thick white clouds just like smoking a regular Hookah. The Square E-Head can be used with Fantasia E-Liquid, Starbuzz E-Juice, and other E-Liquid brands on the market. This electronic Hookah Head is shaped like a traditional Hookah Bowl and produces a flavored smoke-like vapor similar to using a traditional Hookah but without the fire, ash, odor, or chemical substances. The Square E-Head is refillable, reusable, and rechargeable and can be used with any E-Liquid Hookah products on the market.

The Square E-Head Kit offers the following features:

1. 8ml Plastic E Liquid Tank
2. 2400 mAh Battery
3. Variable Voltage: 3.2 – 6.0 V
4. Battery Charger Display
5. Puff Counter
6. Inhale Timer

The Square E-Head Kit is made up of the following components:

1. One Square E-Head
2. One Extra Plastic Hookah Flavor Tank
3. One Battery Charger
4. One Owners Manual”

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